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The "University of Childhood" brings together and supports those who develop early childhood education.

The "University of Childhood" is an educational community and an ecosystem of projects for the professional and personal development of early childhood education specialists.

We believe - by giving opportunities for development to teachers, we improve conditions in kindergartens for children.
Our aim:

University of Childhood Foundation

The "University of Childhood" was founded by philanthropists Igor and Ekaterina Rybakov in 2016 as a preschool direction of the Rybakov Foundation.
In 2020, it received the status of a separate organization.
Our mission:

We improve early childhood education

The mission is based on a 40-year study by J.Heckman, Nobel laureate in economics, who proved that children who get preschool education are more successful in school and have higher incomes after they reach adulthood. In addition, their cognitive and socio-emotional abilities are better developed.
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Short name of legal entity:
University of Childhood Foundation
OGRN 1207700142462;
INN 7714459755; KPP 770401001;
Registered and correspondance address
Leningradskiy Avenue 36, building 11, floor 2, office 202, Moscow, Russia, 125167

«ank: PJSC "Tinkoff Bank», Moscow
Correspondent account No.: 30101810145250000974
BIC: 044525974
Account No.: 40703810400000724680
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Leningradskiy Avenue 36, building 11, floor 2, office 202, Moscow, Russia, 125167
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